based in the Tamworth area, working from Home


Do you like the sound of the phone ringing?

Our EQ LIVE & Campdraft Central platform users are growing rapidly throughout Australia. They will be people like you that love all things horses.

We need you to provide them online and telephone support with our world first tech in Equine Events & Sales management, mostly from your home with a brand new laptop, iPhone and supplied internet connection.

We don’t have a traditional office but we don’t like to "tradition" too often.

Of course, we will train you in how to use it, and if you are computer savvy and switched on, will be no trouble to learn.

The beauty of this role is that often the hours will be flexible but there are times when you will need to be available perhaps on weekends when events are on for remote help. 

There will also be times when we'll need you at the coal face, starting with Paradise Lagoons Campdraft on July 20th, for the weekend, which we'll fly you up to.

You will be listening to our customer's questions and providing support and step by step assistance.

This is a newly created role because of our exciting growth, so we would like you to be an important part of our team as we grow further.

You will get to manage yourself and be responsible for our very valuable clients, both in the corporate world and those wonderful volunteers working tirelessly to host equine events.

If you are someone that loves things to work smoothly, you will also have the chance to develop systems and processes to make sure we are delivering the best service possible.

We imagine that you will be working on an average of 25 hours per week, some weeks may be less and some weeks more.

If by chance you also have an interest in marketing and social media based client development activity, then even better.

We like doing things different here, so if you’re interested, feel free to take the following test.